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About Me

Trying to make a difference...

I’ve been a technical writer, researcher, and analyst for over 22-years.  My education includes a bachelor’s degrees in both Economics and Business Administration, and a master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA).  I’ve also pursued graduate degrees in both Industrial Design and Human Factors Engineering and used that knowledge and experience to create a product design consulting firm.


One of my passions is learning.  Having read hundreds of books, articles, and research papers, I pulled together a framework, a framework backed by science, which enabled me to overcome a vast array of personal and professional obstacles, to overcome things I once thought were impossible.   


Now I have a new passion.  It involves sharing what I’ve learned.  Through my books and audios, I hope to help people overcome the various challenges they face so that they too may achieve their goals, realize their potential, and find peace and happiness.     

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